GS Trading is a Luxembourg based company dedicated to supplying equipment solutions for the pre-press and post-press sector of the printing industry. Based on years of design and manufacturing experience, its owner has a simple mission to provide well designed equipment at affordable prices.
All of our equipment is designed and manufactured “in house” to our own exacting standards. Each customer request is taken into account.
To provide plate making solutions, the GST range is continually being added to. If you do not find the product to meet your needs, please contact a member of GS Trading’s team.

Manufacturer of equipment dedicated to the Pre-Press and Post-Press sectors of the Graphic Art industry.

GS Trading has already done more than 800 installations worldwide, with the help of its very efficient distribution network in over 90 countries; we are able to bring a local technical support to the end-user.

One of the only companies worldwide being able to reply to all needs in terms of plate making:

  • Solvent flexography plate making from A3 size up to 52/80”
  • Water flexography starting A3 size up to 42’’/40’’ automatic inline system.
  • Letterpress, A3 up to 42”/60” size
  • Cleaning machine for plates and sleeves after printing,
  • Special equipment (newspaper), we are able to give any response pre-press industry
  • Supplying of any spare parts and consumable.
  • We can also provide special lamps adapted to the flexo industry



To meet the needs of the Flexo plate maker, we currently provide simple “all in one” plate makers covering A3,A3+ A2 and A1 format sizes as well as flow line systems covering 30” x 40” , 35” x 47” , 42” x 60” and 52” x 80” formats. The “all in one” plate makers follow industry standards and provide a cost effective, reliable plate making system able to deliver excellent plate quality. The flow line systems provide a more automated and more productive solution.
Solvent recycling units are also available.


The Letterpress plate maker has not been neglected. Again for the smaller user, “all in one” plate makers covering A3, A2 and A1 format sizes are offered.
For those requiring a more automated solution we are able to offer the VISIO plate Line, a complete plate making system that provides washout, drying and post exposure all in one automated flow line with even a built-in exposure unit for those seeking a totally integrated solution. A special “processor only” letterpress plate maker is also available: the VISO L for those who have exposure, drying and post exposure facilities.


Water wash flexo has not been forgotten. Our S900 and SB900 series and FIRST up to a maximum format of 42”/60 “ as well as the compact line FLW A3, A3+, A2 and A1 together with C-TOUCH 25/30 and 30/40 have been custom designed to meet the critical demands of water wash flexo. Our equipment has been tested for correct operation on all current flexo water wash plate material. As water wash plate materials vary considerably, different filtration systems are provided.


The post-press sector is also covered by GST. The Flat and Sleeve Cleaner automatically clean flexo and letterpress printing plates after printing. Plates are cleaned with a solution compatible with each type of ink.